Saturday, 25 October 2014

Aquatic research in Algoa Bay by NMMU

Extraordinary tufa stromatolites ecosystems in Port Elizabeth

Stromatolites date back in the fossil record at least 2.7-3.5 billion years, the study of the few extant colonies still remaining in the marine environment may be instrumental in understanding the hydrospheric conditions that prevailed at the onset of life on Earth. Southern African tufa stromatolites, such as the ones to the west of Cape Recife, are regarded as unique in their nature, because they typically occur at the interface between freshwater seepage points and the marine penetration.

Possible new fish species discovered in the Baakens River

Ongoing work on estuaries includes fine-scale habitat use by fishes in regional estuaries, including assessing the effects of climate change water-chemistry scenarios on common marine fishes using estuaries as nursery areas. Some local estuarine work has expanded into the adjoining rivers. The current study has revealed a potentially new species of fish but more specimens are required for genetic analysis of the species.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Not just old stuff in boxes -- Special Collections at our Library

Farol Pinda, Nangata, in the province of Nampula in Mozambique

The Special Collections in the Margaret Smith Library include a number of unique items relating to the JLB Smith Institute (1980-2001). The largest collection is, not surprisingly, on the coelacanth. We also have collections of personal and research material relating to leading personalities in marine and freshwater ichthyology at the time, as well as smaller series of documents from associations such as the Cape Piscatorial Society.

Collections have been given a preliminary sort and an inventory is being completed. Through description of items in these collections, and making them available for research, we intend to complement the library holdings of print sources on ichthyology.

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SAIAB Library reaches out!

Good Shepherd School Library 

SAIAB’s Library has dedicated Thursday mornings to the Good Shepherd Primary School Library. Assistant Librarian, Maditaba Meltaf, assists Mrs Catherine Meiklejohn, the Good Shepherd School Trust Admin and Project Officer whose teaching duties clash with her library duties at the school.

Dr Angus Paterson (SAIAB’s Managing Director) suggested that SAIAB Library step in to help as part of our community engagement.

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