Friday, 24 July 2015

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The Keiskamma River in the Eastern Cape Province
New partnership to conserve our precious water resources
Christine Coppinger of EWT is hosted by SAIAB

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

From Mekoro to Learjets - an adventure into the Angolan Wilderness

Prof Paul Skelton: From Mekoro to Learjets - an adventure into the Angolan Wilderness.
An invitation to join the Wildbird Trust 'Into the Okavango' project led to this privileged wilderness experience of a lifetime! Backed by National Geographic support and presence, the expedition of explorers, scientists, film producers, photographers and modern day IT techno-wizards aims to explore the Okavango from source to sink in a fleet of traditional mekoro (dugout canoes).

The talk describes the first month of the river adventure in which the expedition traversed the unexplored headwaters of the Cuito River and faced each day a multitude of unanticipated challenges that tested all to the very limit.  Discovering the headwater fishes was a bonus!
Venue: Lecture Room, SAIAB (Somerset Street)
Date: Tuesday 21st July 2015
Time: 10h30
Mekoros the right hand one patched with inner tubes
Mekoro -- the right hand one patched with inner tubes.
(Pic: Wikimedia JackyR)
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